Well. Here we are in 2019.

Remember when 2018 started like two weeks ago? Oh. That was a year ago? Well, shoot. That was quick. Anyway, here we are in 2019, so let’s talk about how 2018 went.

Originally I tried to write about the year chronologically, but writing about St. Regis got too sad. I have decided to split up my reflection of this year into the following categories of my life: Career/Employment, Transient Lifestyles, Stella, Family, and Other Neat Events. Please enjoy the following highlights.


In February, I officially decided not to renew my contract in St. Regis for the 2018-2019 school year. This was actually the hardest decision I have ever had to make, and I have cried about it approximately forty-two billion times, including today. This began my second year in a row of writing ALL the cover letters, filling out ALL the applications, and not getting offered a contract for Fall 2018.

After leaving St. Regis in June, at some point along I-94 in Eastern Montana, I decided that I didn’t want to be a teacher anymore. I spent the entire summer in Minnesota working for the YMCA (which was THE WORST) and having a quarter life crisis about what the hell I was even doing with my life.

I ended up being called back to the classroom, returning to my role as a para in the Life Skills program at Chief Joseph as well as my stint as a 6th-grade teacher. Turns out, 6th-graders are so cute and nice.

In 2019, I will start (and hopefully finish) my Masters for Special Education.

Transient Lifestyles

In 2018, I moved from Montana to Minnesota and then from Minnesota back to Montana. There was a brief period of time when I was homeless. Thankfully that only lasted like a week. I am probably going to have to move in 2019, but let’s hope is across town and not across the state or across the country.


I’m still obsessed with my dog. Stella Sky turned one this year and is still the best adventure partner in the history of earth.  She’s still the cutest dog in the world, and she’s still nuts.


I became a sister-in-law twice this year, when both of my siblings got married. (Welcome to the fam Kary and Brobeans) Those weddings were some g timez. Also, I became an aunt/godmother this year. (Welcome to Earth and The Kingdom, Youngblood)

 Other Neat Events

On the second leg of my journey to Minnesota for summer I was very sick the whole day. I stopped at a park in Glendive to let Stella run around for a little bit after two full days in the truck. About 15 minutes into this walk, I puked very loudly into some grass. People saw. Have you ever thought you were going to die in the parking lot of a Flying J in Beach, North Dakota? I have.

The one good thing about working for the YMCA in summer was that I got a free gym membership. There was literally no excuse not to go to the gym because I was already there for work. Because of this, I was able to get back into my routine of lifting four or five days a week. I can proudly say that I am currently the strongest I have ever been, and my mental health has improved significantly as well.

In August on my way home from spending summer in Minnesota, Randolff (my truck’s name is Randolff) decided he needed a new water pump about eighty miles east of Billings. Stella and I got stuck in Billings on a Sunday night and missed the first day of school.

The next trip I took was a quick weekend adventure to Milwaukee for my friend Rico’s wedding. Super fun time for many reasons. Milwaukee is neat. On the way home from that, my flight from Minneapolis to Bozeman got canceled and I got to spend an extra night at my parents’ house. Hey, if you’re going to be stranded somewhere, it’s good to be stranded at home.

Goals for 2019

  • Add the Special Education certification to my teaching license
  • Conquer my fear of the dentist
  • Continue to work hard on my fitness goals
  • Continue to work on my mental health goals

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