Adventures in Traveling with Stella Sky.

Today on another episode of Anna and Stella’s Transient Life, we see Anna’s biggest fears realized when Randolff overheats on the Interstate. Buckle your seatbelt, we’re in for a bumpy ride. Here’s the story told from Stella’s perspective.

HI!!!! My name is Stella Sky, and I am by far the BEST adventure dog in the history of Earth, just ask my mama. She’ll tell you how cute and good and nice I am. Today, Mom asked me to tell you a story. Typing is one of my many talents. I swear I’m doing this all myself.

We spent the warm, sunny days in this place called Minnesota (Minnesnowta?). It was pretty neat, but there were no mountains. BUT I got to hang out with my BFFs Maiziee and Roobiee. Roobiee’s name might also be Ranger or Riley, no one is really sure. ALSO I got to see my aunt WahhnieeLee and hang out with my grandpawrents.

ANYWAY. Yesterday Mom got real sad and told me to “get in” the truck. I don’t know why she was so sad. How could anyone be sad when they get to “get in” the TRUCK? Especially since she told me we get to go home to MOUNTAINS. I’m a mountain pup, so I’m real big on mountains.

I snuggled Mom while she sat in the truck and we magically moved down the road. Then we got out and went to a magical building with lots of smells and we slept in a giant comfy bed.

When it was light out, we got back in the truck. I wasn’t too excited about getting back in because we had to be in there for a LONG time yesterday, and I was getting sick of it. Mom made me get back in, but she fed me breakfast which was DELISH. I heard a rumor we were gonna get to Bozeman and see Aunt Sadie.

Mom sat in the truck and we magically moved down the road again. I did my job of making sure I took as much room as possible. Then the magic moving down the road stopped, and Mama was scared. I don’t know anything about trucks, but I heard something about it overheating. I knew I had to be brave for her because she was scared.

THEN I had to be REALLY brave when a strange man approached our truck. Mama told me it was okay though and that it was just a state trooper here to help us. He was super nice and wanted to pet me. He stayed with us on the side of the road for a while. When Mama finally got a hold of someone to tow our truck, she said she had to go to the bathroom. I don’t know why she couldn’t just go in the grass like I did, but humans are weird.

Next thing I know Mom puts my leash on and tells me to get out of the truck. THEN she tells me to get in the car with the state trooper. THIS WAS MY TIME TO SHINE!! I WAS GOING TO GET TO BE A POLICE DOG!! I thought of all the places we might be going. To rescue someone lost in the forest? To check for drugs? TO CHECK LUGGAGE AT THE AIRPORT?! Except I realized I don’t know how to do any of those things. I know how to sit and high five, though, so I’m super smart. I just had to pretend I was a police dog. Pretending is probably just as fun as the real thing.

We just went to a gas station and waited while Mom went inside to go bathroom. Again, why can’t humans just go in the grass? Such weirdos.

When we got back to our truck, I waited in the police car while they loaded our truck onto this other truck that was REALLY loud. Mom lifted me up and made me get in that super loud truck. We rode in there for a while with another man that was super nice and even had toys for me!

Here we are in this strange town calling Billings (Bilwings?). No sign of Aunt Sadie. Mom says we’ll get to Bozeman tomorrow.

After this whole day of adventures, I am glad that those nice people helped my mom and wanted to pet me. At the end of the day, I have my mama and my chewies, and that’s all I need.


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